Social media is global, is your business ready?


Like it or not, the international market place combined with decades of intense human migration have taken the effects of globalisation to the extreme and social media is a major arena in which the clash of the world’s cultures takes place. Social media is a vital tool for many businesses engaging in social media marketing but in order to make the most of such approaches it is necessary to provide translated content.
If your business is targeting a mono-cultural demographic which speaks only one language then it stands to reason that your online promotional content will be in that language. If, like many businesses you see the benefit of targeting multiple demographics which speak a variety of languages, then your website will be available in multiple languages translated by a language professional who is properly trained in both the source and target language in order to provide effective website translation. Your social media page should be translated in the same way so that you are not missing out on potential customers just because they speak another language.


Some social media sites like Facebook now offer automatic translation. This is certainly a useful tool and gives you access to a vast number of potential customers from the international market but such translations are not entirely accurate and can even appear clunky; rendering your carefully written copy as a clumsy, potentially laughable and amateur-looking mess.


That’s why Empower Lingua stress the value and importance of professional website translation for social media. You can translate your site into as many languages as you want but for it to be worth while you need to be sure the quality of translation is up to scratch. Your site may be optimised in Arabic for example, and you may also have an accurate English translation but there is unlikely to be one professional website translator who can also enrich the content in French, German, Japanese, Chinese, and Polish etc. You may require several different professionals and to source these separately would not be economically effective without the aid of a translations agency like Empower Lingua.


Professional website translation services do not simply involve the literal translation of words from one language to another. Our language professionals are able to understand the subtleties that cultural differences make to language and are more concerned with translating the meaning and effect of the language than the actual words themselves. Effective website translation requires knowledge of both of the cultures behind each language. A professional translator typically works with both their native language and another language which they have studied carefully and in the process have grown familiar with the culture that created it.


As more nations around the globe pick up on new media technologies and delve enthusiastically into the world of social media, we find that more and more cultures and languages need to be acknowledged for effective marketing strategy. It is for this reason that the value and interest in website translation services is constantly increasing. Can you afford to let potential sales slip by because your website and social media pages were not localised? Contact Empower Lingua today regarding professional website translation services and we will give you a free quote with no obligation to pay.

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