You can go the cheap and easy route and use automatic translation software, but then you risk damaging your brand’s reputation. Websites have become the world’s most powerful tool to engage with consumers. Every word on your website represents your brand, so even a minor error can have a detrimental effect on how visitors perceive it.

The only solution is to hire professional translators. You might be able to rely on a free online translation for a few words, but when it comes to something as important as your brand’s online image, you can’t reasonably settle for anything but the highest quality.

You should regard all the translated sales copy on your website, not merely as a duplication of the existing English copy, but as a re-created version of it, adapted for a new market. A translator is a kind of creative, one which is now an essential team member of any business which intends to succeed internationally.

Website Translation

Professional Localisation

We are specialists in website translation and are proud to offer a service that incorporates years of experience in internet marketing with translation across all languages. Localisation services are an extremely profitable investment for businesses. When translating a website, we don’t just look at the words, but also the meaning of the original copy. This is the key to accessing new markets and increasing sales.

Multilingual SEO

Online search behaviour differs from region to region as much as language and culture does. We harness these nuances to craft multilingual SEO campaigns which appeal to and connect the target audience with your brand.

Empowerlingua understand the cultural assumptions which typify your global customers and we know how to employ search terms to target specific demographics. We can craft the ideal Multilingual SEO strategy with our combined knowledge of language and search marketing.

We have partnered with Browser Bloom to provide our client with SEO services.

Increased Sales

Many businesses are missing out on valuable sales because they do not think that website localisation and translation services are cost effective. This contrasts sharply with data collected by Dawak back in 2012, which showed that sales opportunities worth £30 million had been lost because British marketers were not having their websites translated into other languages. Translating your website is the key to entering new markets and dramatically increasing sales.

Translate Website to English

The best way to translate a website into English is by hiring a professional English translator. Just as organisations in English speaking countries are using professional website translation to access new markets, companies overseas are also trying to engage British and American consumers in the same way. Whatever language is required, the only way you can get a competent translation is with a professional native speaking translator.

Reducing Website Translation Costs

Empowerlingua reduce the time and expenses associated with translating a website by use of innovative online technology. We employ a cloud based Centralised Translation Memory (CTM) to ensure consistency of quality and to prevent translators from working repeatedly on the same words. This software helps us to reduce the time it takes to translate online content, thereby reducing the cost of the service for our clients.

Website Translation Services

We are specialists in website translation and are proud to offer a service that incorporates years of experience in internet marketing with translation across all languages, meeting the requirements of those looking to launch their websites to a foreign market place.

Translating website content word for word is simply not enough. Our expert translators breathe life into their work through localisation, ensuring the content retains the context portrayed in its source language. By undergoing in-depth research throughout any given project, our professional translators will ensure that your website and its associated SEO (search engine optimisation) keywords are not lost in translation.

Amazingly, despite the wealth of opportunities that website translation services can offer a business today, many people choose to overlook this lucrative solution. Social networking sites like Twitter, YouTube and Facebook have experienced a major increase in Arabic language use. But despite the abundance of Arabic speakers in the world, Arabic online content is at only 3% of the total. Spanish and Portuguese website translation services are also a great way to expand your customer base and access new markets. Can you afford not to invest in website translation services now that the internet is increasingly multi-lingual? Website translation services are an effective means of outdoing your competitors by accessing developing markets before they do. Remember, consumers are always more likely to trust a brand that speaks to them in their own language.

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