Whatever type of document you have; whether immigration papers, CV, job application, personal letters, technical manuals, scripts, proposals, invoices or any other type of document, legal or otherwise, we can find the most suitably trained language professional to translate it accurately for you.

Empowerlingua provide high-quality document translation services to and from over 300 different languages.

Document Translation

Professional Translation

Our native-speaking translators are all fully qualified and each also has their own area of expertise, often with a practical knowledge of the industry they specialise in. Due to our global network of accredited linguists, we are able to work around the clock to meet tight deadlines for clients who require a rapid turnaround.

Translating documents is a varied discipline and requires versatile skills. Our language professionals are therefore adaptable and experienced. If you specify precisely which type of document you require translated, then we can make sure we source a language professional with exactly the right skill set and experience required for the task at hand. Professionals will always do a far better job than any free translation software can.

Certified Document Translation

Most certified translations involve official documentation. The authority of the translation of said documents must be demonstrated in an official fashion and so certifications of various kinds are employed.

The most common kind only requires the signature of the translator, but in other situations it is necessary to obtain the approval of a legal authority, such as a lawyer. We can provide any kind of certification you might require.

Types of Document Translation

Here are just some examples of the diverse kinds of document translation requests we handle:

  • Contracts
  • Correspondence
  • Product specifications
  • Service agreements
  • Marketing material
  • Market research
  • Annual, biannual and quarterly financial reports
  • Personal documentation for immigration purposes
  • And much more…

How can I translate a PDF document?

Whether it is an instruction manual or a tenancy agreement, we can have the entire document precisely translated and sent back to you in whatever form you wish. We can maintain the original PDF file format or send it back as an editable Word document.

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