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At Empowerlingua we appreciate high quality Telugu translations, which is why we are impressed by Vishnu Sahasra Sudarsana Vyakhya which is a Telugu commentary on the Sanskrit scripture Vishnu Sahasranamam, written by Hindu scholar Kasibhotla Satyanarayana. It was recently released in India with a launch at the the Aswadana Sahithi Samithi Rotary Hall.


The excellent new translation was reviewed by the President of the samithi Gottukummula Venkata Narasimha Sastry . Hindu columnist Yarrapragada Ramakrishna said that in this age it is crucial to know the proper meaning of all the holy scriptures in order to properly understand the Hindu tradition.


“This is a scholarly job done meticulously by Mr. Satyanarayana, who is commanding respect from the cross section for his thorough knowledge over all kinds of subjects in general and religious issues in particular,” he said.


He also praised the simplicity of the Telugu translation, stating that it could be read and understood by the common man. Mr. Ramakrishna expressed his hopes that the writer would release many more works in future. In a speech, the author/translator Mr. Satyanarayana gave a detailed explanation of his book and expressed gratitude to the organisers of the event for their work.


Telugu is a native Indian language of the Dravidian language family which is spoken predominantly in the state of Andhra Pradesh but is also spoken in many other areas such as Telangana and by minorities in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Tamil Nadu, and by the so called “gypsies” of Sri Lanka.


Telugu translation services are required in London to serve the various Telugu speaking ethnic groups that reside in that city.  Empowerlingua are proud to provide Telugu translation services to the private and public sector to aid these people and the community at large.

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