We understand that the translation of technical documentation relating to IT, technology and related products and services requires the attention of a professional translator with in depth knowledge, understanding of and experience in the subject matter they are working with.

We have a global network of professional translators each with their own specialist areas of expertise in specific language combinations. Our selection procedures ensure that your technical translation is handled by a professional translator who will apply their experience to translating subject matter within that field. Their knowledge of the complexities of technical translation means that they are aware of the importance of accuracy in such undertakings, and are therefore able to communicate a precise translation of the source language and its intended meaning.

Technical Translation

Being a technical translator means so much more than being bilingual. We only provide technical translation services from translators who are experienced in the specific field required. We have a range of technical translators available, each of whom is skilled in a specific area of technical translation, whether in the fields of engineering, electrics, industrial, computing, automobiles, construction or many others. If you let us know the details of the project – the languages involved and the technical knowledge required – then we can provide a suitably qualified technical translator who will already be familiar with the necessary terminology and can therefore provide a consistent and fluid translation which meets your standards. Few agencies work for the same level of linguistic excellence as us.

What is Technical Translation?

Technical translation refers to any kind of translation which requires specialist technical knowledge of the subject matter, usually pertaining to scientific and technological information. Most technical translation relates to instruction manuals and user guides for machinery, software and medication for example, but each of these requires knowledge of the specific terminology associated with it.

There can be no room for ambiguity in Technical Translation, and poetic language of any form is inappropriate. The content should be clear, exact and unambiguous, often typified by repetition and a specialised vocabulary. For this reason we make use of Centralised Translation Memory (CTM) software to ensure consistent use of desired and established terminology – thereby increasing accuracy whilst reducing costs and delivery times.

Here are some examples of typical technical translations we handle for our clients:

  • Product manuals
  • Presentation material
  • Software localisation
  • Marketing materials
  • Product catalogues
  • Safety information
  • User guides


Manufacturing in a globalised economy necessitates the use of fast, accurate, high quality translation services. Translations for technical purposes ensure that your overseas workforce can understand company policies and procedures, while localisation of marketing material can help you remain competitive in emerging markets. We understand that the technical language used by your corporation must be completely accurate and clear in every language.

Oil & Energy Industries

Empowerlingua are proud to provide technical translations for our clients in the oil & energy industries. Whether for oil or renewable energy, we understand that the technical language used by your corporation must be absolutely precise and unambiguous.

Our translations are tailored to the diverse range of projects and technologies now seen in the key energy markets.

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