Flag of Syria Esperanto: Flago de Sirio França...
Flag of Syria Esperanto: Flago de Sirio Français : Drapeau de la Syrie Русский: Флаг Сирии Slovenščina: Zastava Sirije Soomaaliga: Calanka Suuriya Türkçe: Suriye bayrağı (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By the end of 2015 thousands of Syrian refugees had claimed asylum in the UK. The migrant crisis has seen untold millions enter Europe illegally from many countries, often pretending to be Syrians so that they can claim asylum. Among these pretenders there are thousands of legitimate refugees who do not necessarily speak English. This has pushed public services to the limit and the need for professional Syrian interpreters in London is higher than ever.


Empowerlingua have an extensive network of trained and vetted Syrian translators in London who can provide language services for court appearances, legal translation, medical translation and any other scenario in which Syrian translation services in London are required.


Due to the sheer number of migrants, there is an urgent need for Syrian translation services in London and it can be difficult for public sector workers to get them on time and within budget. The desperation to source professional translators in time for court hearings or appointments with doctors can lead to under-qualified translators being used. This can have disastrous results; with court hearings being rescheduled or patients being given incorrect diagnoses. Obviously mis-prescribing drugs can have serious consequences, so the implications for failing to provide competent language services are severe.


In the past we have worked with reputable law firms as well as the public sector, providing interpreters for legal and medical services. The NHS has depended on Empowerlingua in the past and can continue to rely on us for prompt, professional and personal Syrian translation services in London.


Arabic translation services are most effective when the regional dialect is specified. Modern Standard Arabic is not natively spoken by any ethnic group in Syria, although many Syrians can understand it. The Levantine Arabic dialect has many significant differences that a professional translator or interpreter should be aware of. Being aware of such nuanced cultural differences is crucial in order for a language professional to deliver a legally reliable service. That’s why Empowerlingua is proud to provide culturally aware translation services.


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