A common difficulty when faced with the task of overseas marketing is ensuring that a campaign’s strap-lines translate effectively into the specified target languages, so that the meaning and any associated humour or context are kept and relate in the same manner to an overseas market.

Our translations of marketing material are provided by a network of experienced professionals who are specifically trained to translate marketing literature into other languages. Many of them worked in marketing before they became translators.

Culturally Aware Translation

It is more often the case that one must approach the translation from the perspective of the wider concept and brand identity you wish to communicate. Our translators are familiar with the cultures of the languages they work in and can make suggestions about relevant phraseology and cultural references, which will preserve your intended meaning in the target language. A poor translation might not just fail to sell the product, it could actually tarnish the reputation of the brand.

This is why we approach marketing translation from the perspective of culture to culture rather than word for word. When we say we offer culturally sensitive translation services, we really mean it!

Marketing in Another Language

Marketing translation is about conveying an effective marketing message in the target language. Just because a translation is grammatically correct and accurate, doesn’t mean it is adequate as marketing material.

When advertising your product in a new market, you must be prepared to totally reassess the original marketing text and address the linguistic and cultural differences. Focusing on accuracy alone simply isn’t a prudent approach to marketing translation.

Localization Translation

Websites have become the world’s most powerful tool to engage with your target demographics. Every word on an organisation’s website is intended to reflect their image and provide their online visitors with information on who they are and what they do. The most insignificant typo or error can have a detrimental effect on how visitors perceive that organisation.

This is why we source only the most meticulous and precise translators to convey online marketing material in another language.

Multilingual SEO Translation

Online search behaviour differs from region to region as much as language and culture does. We harness these nuances to craft multilingual SEO campaigns which appeal to and connect the target audience with your brand.

Empowerlingua understand the cultural assumptions which typify your global customers and we know how to employ search terms to target specific demographics. We can craft the ideal Multilingual SEO strategy with our combined knowledge of language and search marketing.

Why Choose Empowerlingua for Marketing Translation?

Our client recommendations and proven track records are testament to the quality of our work. We fully understand marketing practices due to the direct experience obtained through our sister company Empowerinc Digital Marketing.

We are always trying to combine our knowledge of global cultures and linguistics with cutting-edge online marketing practices. If you would like to receive a quotation or require further information on our marketing translation service, then please feel free to contact us.

We can give you a free quote within 2 hours if you give us all the relevant information relating to the work and specify the type of service you require.

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