Kannada is spoken in the Indian  state of Karnataka. Its native speakers are called Kannadigas (Kannaḍigaru) and since there are about 38 million of them, it is no surprise that Kannada translation services and Kannada interpreters are in high demand.


We provide highly qualified Kannada translation services and Kannada interpreters to corporate, legal and public sector organisations throughout the world who are working with the ever increasing Indian market. We have access to a diverse range of professionals, each with specific areas of expertise, enabling us to provide our clients with an outstanding level of service.


We source from a global network of Kannada translators and Kannada interpreters so that we can work around the clock in order to meet the fast turnaround requirements of our clients.

Whether you require translation from Kannada or an Indian interpreter, each of our professionals is specially trained in their field. These fields include: –


Corporate Kannada Interpreters and Translation services:




Medical sciences and technology

Pharmaceutical products



and many more….


Legal Kannada Interpreters and Translation services:

Criminal law

Immigration law

Family Law

Employment Law

Personal injury law

and many more….


Public Sector Kannada Interpreters and Translation Services:





Social care

Trading standards

and many more….


Kannada to English Translation Services


Our Kannada to English translators and interpreters are fluently bilingual and are usually native English speakers who can guarantee a high quality English translation of the Kannada source, regardless of the dialect.


English to Kannada Translation Services


All of the English to Kannada language services that we offer are provided by highly trained bilingual professionals who speak Kannada as a first language. If you specify an exact dialect of Kannada that you need the English to be translated into, we can source a language professional with the appropriate skills and experience to ensure that the final product is as precise as possible, resulting in a faithful rendering of the source material into the target language.


If you require a specialist Kannada translator to provide a high quality and professional translation of your documents, or consecutive or simultaneous interpretation of Kannada for your meeting or event then please fill in the form on the right side of the page for a free quote today.