International SEO

Online search behaviour differs from region to region as much as language and culture does. Empowerlingua harnesses these nuances to craft multilingual SEO campaigns which appeal to and connect the target audience to your brand.

The top three links in search results account for 63% of clicks. Our multilingual SEO improve your search ranking, attract more global traffic and raise your market position.


No solution can be applied broadly to all markets so we believe in a customer journey that caters for local market needs. By understanding the cultural assumptions which typify your global customers and knowing how to employ search terms to target specific demographics, we can provide the ideal solution with our combined knowledge of language and search marketing.

We have teams of native speakers around the world who work with us to combine local knowledge of culture and language with our International SEO expertise. Our SEO localised content generates authenticity and trust which translates into higher conversion rates on your site. Our expertise in multilingual SEO is assured by the accreditation of our translation department Empowerlingua.

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