While the world’s two most widely spoken native languages, Mandarin and Spanish, each have roots going back to ancient civilizations, the third most commonly spoken language by native speakers, English, has comparatively humble origins. A West-Germanic language brought to Britain by the invading pagan tribes of Angles and Saxons, their various dialects became known as Old English and were later altered by the influence of other invading languages; Old Norse and Norman French.


The once barbaric tongue became the language of Shakespeare and finally the lingua franca of the world. It is currently the world’s most international language, being spoken in every corner of the Earth. English is frequently learned as a second language because it is the language of trade and commerce. 


We provide highly qualified English translation services and English interpreters to corporate, legal and public sector organisations throughout the world. We have access to a diverse range of professionals, each with specific areas of expertise, enabling us to provide our clients with an outstanding level of service.


We source from a global network of English translators and English interpreters so that we can work around the clock in order to meet the fast turnaround requirements of our clients.


Whether you require translation from English or an English interpreter, each of our professionals is specially trained in their field. These fields include: –


Corporate English Interpreters and Translation services:




Medical sciences and technology

Pharmaceutical products



and many more….


Legal English Interpreters and Translation services:

Criminal law

Immigration law

Family Law

Employment Law

Personal injury law

and many more….


Public Sector English Interpreters and Translation Services:





Social care

Trading standards

and many more….


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