Empowerlingua’s court interpreters have years of experience working with legal clients and they specialise in arbitration and dispute resolution. Having assisted many of the UK’s legal 100 and 500 firms with such matters, we are familiar with the associated requirements of court hearings and can provide an experienced interpreter to attend any hearing as a matter of routine.

The state is required to provide language interpreters for free in many court hearings. We provide numerous local authorities around the UK with court interpreters to translate for those who do not speak English as a first language. It is often the case that the defendant is anxious and uncertain and this affects their speech – a professional court interpreter will be able to account for this and translate the intended meaning, even if it is expressed in a confused way.

Court Interpreters

Simultaneous Interpreters

We strongly recommend simultaneous interpreters for court proceedings as they reduce the amount of time spent interpreting by as much as two thirds, thus decreasing the time spent cross examining or listening to evidence provided by witnesses.


In serious legal matters, we understand that you want to work with an interpreter you can depend on. That’s why we are proud to provide only the highest quality interpreters to our clients. All of the professionals we provide are experienced with legal terminology in their respective languages.

Document Translation

Empowerlingua are also familiar with the vast quantities of documentation involved with legal cases, and therefore offer a document translation service to ensure that your evidence and supporting documents are translated accurately and on time.

Criminal Law

We have assisted many of our clients with criminal matters such as prison visits, court proceedings, and translation of court bundles relating to complex criminal cases.

Clear and concise communication is crucial throughout any criminal proceedings. Our professionals are familiar with the procedures and guidelines involved in criminal law. When translating legal documentation they will adhere strictly to these and any additional guidelines.

Family Law

We understand that when dealing with family law, professionalism and sensitivity is paramount in ensuring that clients feel comfortable. Our interpreters have years of experience in dealing with often sensitive and confidential matters in these kinds of cases. Their expertise, professionalism and sensitive manner will put clients at ease as they will have dealt with similar cases on many previous occasions.

Immigration Law

Our interpreters have a very clear understanding of the procedures and guidelines they are required to adhere to whilst undertaking any work in the field of immigration law. We appreciate the frequent demand for interpreters and translators within this field and offer a swift and professional service 24/7.

Personal Injury Law

With many years of experience translating and interpreting documents and court proceedings relating to personal injury claims and RTA investigations, our professionals offer the necessary medical, legal and linguistic expertise to ensure the clearest communications between yourself, your client and the court room.

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