Euro English Replaces Translation Services

Euro English Replaces Translation Services       This is an interesting video on the subject of Euro-English at the European Parliament, from the Open University’s OpenLearn program . The video addresses the fact that although French and German originally seemed to be the dominant languages of the European parliament, around the mid-nineties, English suddenly became the lingua franca of Europe.  The dominance […]

Telugu Translation of Sanskrit Scripture

At Empowerlingua we appreciate high quality Telugu translations, which is why we are impressed by Vishnu Sahasra Sudarsana Vyakhya which is a Telugu commentary on the Sanskrit scripture Vishnu Sahasranamam, written by Hindu scholar Kasibhotla Satyanarayana. It was recently released in India with a launch at the the Aswadana Sahithi Samithi Rotary Hall.   The […]

Which Languages Refugees Speak

  It is often assumed that the majority of the recent migrants are Arabic speakers, but to determine which languages refugees speak one must look at the demographics in detail. Since last year millions of migrants and refugees have come to Europe and a lot of these have Britain as their intended destination. One of […]

How Brexit Will Affect The Legal Sector

We have already written about how the translation industry will be affected by Brexit but we also expect it to affect our clients in the legal industry. While we prepare for article 50 to be invoked, there will be little actual change to the legal sector. However, looking at the long term, we can expect […]

How Brexit Will Affect Translation Industry

  There are many articles online about the pros and cons of a possible Brexit this month. One area that deserves attention is consideration of how a Brexit will affect translation services in Britain. The EU allows the free movement of people across the continent which necessitates a lot of public spending on language services. […]

Translation is Creative

Embed from Getty Images Any professional translator will tell you that the act of translation is in fact a creative one. Rather than simply a mechanical or mathematical discipline, with set answers for each scenario, it depends largely on the intuition, experience and creativity of the translator.   Deborah Smith (pictured in header) won the […]

Translation in Multicultural London

Embed from Getty Images London is one of the most multicultural places in the world and in history. Over 250 languages are spoken in London, making our capital the most linguistically diverse city in the world. The 2011 census data revealed the extent of linguistic and ethnic diversity in London and The Guardian used the […]

Cantonese Translation of Pokemon Scrapped

Embed from Getty Images Cantonese translation is often neglected. Even Google Translate doesn’t offer Cantonese among its many languages despite the fact that it is spoken by millions of people in Hong Kong and around the world. Now Canto speakers are angry that Nintendo is scrapping the Cantonese translation of Pokémon Sun and Moon.   […]

The Value of Language Learning

  The University of Cambridge has published a report claiming that the government needs to focus more on language learning in schools in order to compete with the international market. The report echoes similar claims made by the British Academy in recent years.   The report entitled ‘The Value of Languages’ followed consultation with government […]

Syrian Translation Services in London

By the end of 2015 thousands of Syrian refugees had claimed asylum in the UK. The migrant crisis has seen untold millions enter Europe illegally from many countries, often pretending to be Syrians so that they can claim asylum. Among these pretenders there are thousands of legitimate refugees who do not necessarily speak English. This […]